Some descriptionThank you for always going the extra mile! My boy, Tycho, doesn't really care about the medicine but sure loves the toys and crinkly shipping paper.
-Angela Paul, Green Bay, WI via Facebook


I talked with your staff on the phone twice and both times I came away with all my questions answered. Your prices were good and most importantly, my dog likes the flavor of her medication. She liked the toy you sent her also.
-Greg K.


I required a prescription for my cat, Smokey, and was told by my veterinarian the drug would be expensive. It is extremely difficult to give my cat medication orally and inquired about compounding the drug for external application. My vet said it would be difficult to find a local pharmacy to do this and, again, it would be expensive. Luckily, a family member recommended Roadrunner Pharmacy! I immediately had my vet call in the prescription. I received prompt, friendly service from Roadrunner and the compounded prescription was delivered to my home within two days. And, cute kitty toys were included in the package! I have refilled the prescription several times and the cost is extremely reasonable- far, far better than any local pharmacy's price.
-Lynne W.


Before she got her medication, my little dog was sick and in pain all the time.  Now she's healthy, happy and running around!  Thank you Roadrunner Pharmacy!
-Christine A.


I would like to praise your company and service.  My vet's office faxed an order to you on Monday.  It was a refill for my dog, Tank, who is dealing with Valley Fever right now.  It was delivered that night to our door.  WOW!  Now that was service!
-Carol G.


I just wanted to send you a note about how shocked I was.  With you in Phoenix and me in Charlottesville, VA, I figured it would take 2 or 3 days to get the prescription.  I ordered it on Tuesday and when the person I talked to said I would have it on Wednesday I was very skeptical to say the least.  I thought she was pulling my leg.  Well the joke was on me, in a good way.  I am very glad to see a company that stands behind its word.  Thank you for the amazing speed in filling the prescription and keep up the good work!
-R. Thacker - US ARMY


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