How Important is Compounding?

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Owner compliance is the number one reason pets do not receive the necessary treatment to obtain optimal animal health. Increasing owner compliance will allow for better treatment outcomes for these animals. Roadrunner Pharmacy offers multiple compounded medication choices to help with owner compliance.

Often times, pills need to be cut because they are manufactured as one large pill size with the “average-size” dog in mind? More often than not, these pill pieces are not going to be exactly equal in size.

Some descriptionHow often do owners complain that their cats have started foaming in the mouth because of the bitter pills that you’ve prescribed and they aren’t sure how much it actually received because some of it got spat out?

Some descriptionFlavoring is very important, especially with cats. At Roadrunner Pharmacy, we can take a drug with a very bitter taste (i.e. Methimazole) and compound it into a chicken or tuna flavored suspension that cats love. We can also compound drugs to have a sweet taste which dogs enjoy. With over 30 FREE flavors for oral suspensions and solutions, it is easy to find a favorite flavor to ease compliance.