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Anal Gland Ointment, packed in 1ml luer-lock syringes is dispensed with specialized curved applicator tips to facilitate administration.  Practitioners who have used this successfully tell us that they express the gland and then refill it with this lanolin-based ointment.  A majority of these veterinarians have used a combination involving an antibiotic, an anti-fungal and a steroid.  When the pet returns in a week, they again express the gland.  Most veterinarians have some history with these dogs and as a result see a significant drop in office visits for this malady; they also report that owners see improvement in their pets as well.  


Drug Shortages and Updates

Some descriptionCurrently, more than 80% of all drugs, not just veterinary drugs, are made in a foreign country with China and India leading production. Every drug, American or otherwise, comes to us with a Certificate of Analysis (COA), a document that not only addresses potency but also other parameters such as impurities, water content, etc.  If we obtain a chemical from an American source, we accept their COA, knowing it was performed to USA guidelines.

If that item comes from another country, we quarantine the powder and send a sample to an American lab for independent analysis. Only after a critical review of this lab’s findings will we determine the product’s fate.  

In our 14-year history, Roadrunner has received two items from foreign sources with outstanding COA’s that in fact, after independent review had no active ingredient.   Our pharmacy has also repeatedly received API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) with low or below standard potency.  The health of a beloved pet is much too precious to merely accept a vendor’s reputation, its COA or its pedigree statement.  There is simply no excuse for NOT conducting independent testing.  Naturally, testing is not cheap: we spent a quarter of a million dollars on such quality control in 2013 but in this era of contaminated foods, tainted treats and subpotent drugs, testing is essential for peace of mind.